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. >> that explosion in pakistan's largest city killed at least six people. police say a motorcycle bomb exploded close to a political rally. more than a dozen people have been taken to hospital. also in pakistan, a group of teachers and workers have been killed in a drive-by shooting. the gunman attacked their bus killing six women and one man. all of them are pakistanis. a deal to cushion america's fall over the fiscal cliff has run into opposition in congress. republican members and house are now considering a bill that would avoid tax rises for most americans. john is live for us in washington. we understand there has been some movement there in capitol hill. >> with the asian stock markets due to open in about an hour, there has been a little bit of movement here. the house is trying to vote on a bill that was passed in the upper house of the senate in the early hours of new year's day which avoids the fiscal cliff. the house has a problem because many members of -- are unhappy with the deal. what is happening at the moment is that the speaker of the house of representatives, john boehner has basi
as a result of what's in the bill and what's not. >> brown: then, new killings in pakistan, we look at the uptick in violence against aid workers and women teachers with "washington post" foreign affairs reporter pam constable. >> woodruff: paul solman takes us inside a company that turns a profit by employing an unusual workforce. >> a massachusetts manufacturing firm founded in 1932 where the median age is 74 and rosa finnegan over there, is 100. >> brown: and ray suarez talks with journalist and author claudia kolker about what she calls "the immigrant advantage." >> i began to ask foreign-born people what i call the question: what's the smartest thing that people did in your home country that you want to hang on to while you're here and the rest of us ought to copy? >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from view
": the targeting of pakistan aid workers; the value of seniors in the workforce and the "immigrant advantage." but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: wall street started the year with a bang, as the fiscal cliff deal put an end to fears of sweeping tax hikes and spending cuts. the dow jones industrial average surged 308 points to close at 13,412-- its biggest gain in a year. the nasdaq rose more than 92 points to close at 3,112. the civil war in syria yielded grim new numbers today. the u.n. human rights office reported the number of dead has risen sharply over previous figures. we have a report narrated by alex thomson of "independent television news." some of the images may be disturbing. >> truly shocking. the words of the u.n. officials. syrians need no persuading of that. today, at least another 30 or so added to the death list. somebody fired into the petrol station. they'd have none here for four days. news was spreading fast that respliefs happening and the place was crowded. vulnerable human bodies... metal, concrete, fire, and high explosive.
much worse. >> those numbers keep rising. thank you. 7 charity workers were buried in pakistan today. they had been shot to death in a van on their way home from teaching girls and distributing vaccines. this is the latest in a string of attacks on people working in a polio vaccination scheme or educating girls. both activities are posed by the pakistani taliban. >> there has been no threats, no warnings of the barbarity that was to come here. this community center gave girls of the area and education and it is where parents brought their children for vaccinations. both are crimes in the eyes of the pakistani taliban who see them as serving a western agenda. the staff had just finished for the day and were heading home along this road when they were ambushed by militants. the 5 teachers were women in the early 20's and two health workers were traveling in this van. gunmen stopped them and camera decide and pulled open this door and then shot all 7 at close range. their handbags and notebooks are now bloodstained and is the line from the vehicle. 1 passenger did survive, a 4- year-old
averted, market's surge after the fiscal cliff is averted. health workers in pakistan that were gunned down on tuesday, there charities abandoned. no let up on the protest in india. thousands marched after the gang rape and death of a student. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up in the program," we will have more pictures of these burmese attack planes. also, a special report on justice in japan. why is it so many people confess to crimes that they did not commit? ♪ >> hello, thank you very much for being with us. markets from the far east to europe have jumped with some relief over the deal on the fiscal cliff in the united states. the settlement, which does include tax increases for wealthier americans, has led to a surge of more than 2% on some markets. president obama has handled deal as a success in his drive to raise taxes on the rich and is headed to hawaii to resume his winter break. raising concerns among some about how long any positive response might last. david has this report from washington. >> on this vote, the motion is adopted. without objection, the motion to rec
of the world. >> yeah. there is one such conflict. a drive by shooting in pakistan left several aide workers dead. >> the attack took place outside the capitol. it is unclear who was responsible it. follows the killing of nine workers in pakistan last month. >> well, some people in russia may be waking up to a new year's hangover today. but those that like their vodka might have to dig a little deeper to afford it. >> that is because moscow imposed a hefty tax on the spirit in a bid to curb the country's high alcoholism rate. >> russia's favorite beverage got a lot more expensive. they will have to swallow a new alcohol tax. russians are trying to laugh it off. >> i used to get to know a man and he would buy me a fine bottle of bubbly, now it barely buys a cheap sparkling wine. it is a real shame. >> the kremlin wants russians to drink less. alcohol ads banned since last summer and the new tax hike is an attempt to quench the country's thirst for hard liquor. many believe it is not dangerous if they only drink a little. but it is. you don't have to be an alcoholic to die from drinking too mu
. in the capital of damascus, reports of government shutting. the pakistan -- and pakistan, where did 300 people died from measles in 2012. that is five times as many as in 2011. most of the deaths occurred in a province where the disease killed 210 children. 100 of those deaths in the past month alone. we report from one of the worst affected areas. >> we are in a village that constitutes about 400 houses. there are lots of children here. there are at least 250 cases reported. it is absolutely abject poverty. we of just spoken to a mother of three the was told all of her children have measles, but she cannot afford to provide for them. she cannot take them to the doctor. there are elite -- at least seven deaths reported in this village. the people we spoke to said the children have been ill for 10-12 days and have not been treated, some of them have died. we spoke to one mother who told us about how her son died. >> my four-year-old child died from the disease. he was sick for 12 days. he could not open his eyes, and there was fluid coming out of them. we tried everything, but he stopped eating
." >>> a bomb has exploded near the site of a political rally in karachi, pakistan. at least four people were killed, 40 others were wounded. police say the bomb was planted on a motorcycle parked near a number of buses. the buses were carrying political workers returning from the rally. the bomb went off just as people were leaving the event. the pakistani taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> the celebration of the new year in the ivory coast has ended in tragedy. more than 60 people in the western african country were killed in a stampede, 50 others were hurt. thousands of people gathered at a stadium in abidjan to see a fireworks display. they were leaving when panic struck. >> translator: my two children, they went yesterday. they said they were going to go last night and i told them not to. when i went to bed, they went anyway. we haven't seen them since. >> many of the victims were children. some got lost in the confusion. >> translator: it's a national tragedy, of course, and i really hope that we will push ourselves to investigate to see what could have prevented thi
dead in pakistan in what appears to be the latest case of militants targeting health- related groups. last month at least nine volunteers with a polio vaccination drive were killed across pakistan. opposition to health efforts has spread after the cia used a fake vaccination program to help fight osama bin laden. five of the workers killed in tuesday's attack or young women who worked as educators. the remaining two were help workers. a new tally shows the number of civilians killed in iraq rose in 2012 for the first time in three years. the british-based group iraq body count says about 4500 civilians were killed in violence last year. the group said in a statement -- iraq body counts figure is more than twice the number given by iraqi officials who claim violence is actually dropping. on monday, at least 23 people were killed, 87 wounded in a series of attacks across iraq. no. 3 leader kim jong un has called for harmony with south korea in a rare televised address. in a speech broadcast on new year's day, he made no mention of the country's controversial nuclear program and said th
served as a senior advisor as recently as 2011 for afghanistan and pakistan to the late richard holbrook, a former munk debater. ladies and gentlemen, dean vali nasser. [applause] now, when you think of provocative conversation on a big foreign policy challenges of the day, you have to think about our next debater. his flagship global affairs program on cnn is seen in over 200 countries worldwide. but he is anything but a talking head on cable tv. he writes a highly respected column for the post and is the editor at large of "time" magazine. his numerous best selling books include "the post-american world" and "the future of freedom." please welcome back broadcaster and journalist, fareed zakaria. [applause] now we are just momenting from getting our debate under way but before we hear from opening statements, one again i'm going to need this audience's assistance as the night goes on to make sure our debaters stay on time in terms of their opening and closing remarks and that we move forward as a debate together. so you will see this countdown clock, this handy clock appear. when it rea
's elementary. >>> gunman in northwest pakistan ambushed a van and killed five pakistani teachers and two health workers. they were working for a private pakistani group who was targeted for their anti-polio work. militants have accused them of spying for the u.s. and extremists have launched attacks in opposition to female education. >>> more than 60 people were killed in a stampede after a fireworks show and 200 others hurt. many were children and teenagers. thousands were leaving the stadium when the crowd surged forward, crushing dozens of people. >>> and there is new legal action in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal at penn state. the governor there says he intends to sue the ncaa over sanctions that it slapped on the school. those sanctions, including $60 million fine, which finances the national campaign against child abuse, apparently some pennsylvania politicians don't like state taxpayer money going to other states. they think they should stay within pennsylvania. >>> new evidence has surfaced from the nation's most famous family feud. excavators found bullets believed to be from
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pakistan when gunmen ambushed a van killing five female teachers and two health workers. the teachers were on their way home from a community center when the gunmen stopped the van and pulled a young boy from the van and opened fire. no group has claimed responsibility for this attack. >>> tomorrow the students from newtown, connecticut will find their old backpacks, old desks at a new school. the survivors of the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary will return to class in the neighboring town of monroe tomorrow. >>> the state of pennsylvania is planning to file a lawsuit against the ncaa. they reacted to the jerry sandusky scandal by taking away wins, reducing scholarships and temporarily banning penn state from competing in the post- season. it includes a $90 million fine -- $60 million fine. state and federal lawmakers have raised objections to the money being spent outside pennsylvania. the state's lawsuit will argue the money should remain in pennsylvania. >>> 4:36. breezy and cool is what you can expect when you head outside. olga is in for howard and has the details coming up
became disenchanted with the government and military of pakistan we cut off military assistance to the pakistani military and that led to a very negative consequences. so while some of these choices are very difficult, i'm inclined in the direction of greater, rather than lesser engagement. i don't think there is any point in just wiping our hands of these situations. lou: and, you talked about declining powers. does the obama administration's intelligence council in a new report that i just referred to, talks abouted day which the united states will no longer be a superpower but so-called first among equals. they project the date is somewhere around 2030. your thoughts and reckoning on the date and whether or not you agree with that, if you will, not decline, ascension of other powers? >> right. i certainly think that since the financial crisis back in 2007 and 2008, there has been a tendency to write us down, if you will. you think many of those assessments have been unduly pessimistic. i think even down right wrong at times. we're still the most powerful economy in the world.
campaign in pakistan. more evidence that the followers are making north africa and yemen the base of operation. >> this is a fox news alert. state department put out word hillary clinton was discharged from the hospital. the medical team advises she is making good progress on all fronts and confident she will make a full recovery from the blood clot in her skull. we were told she had not been released though we had photo of video of her outside the hospital today now. the state department put out official release she has been released from the hospital. fox all-stars weigh in on a big fight op capitol hill next. ...so as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? >>> i'm give
in a moment.  >>> happening now, a rise in the number of measles cases in children in pakistan. the world health organization says 300 children died from the disease in 2012 compared to 64 in 2011. a pakistani health official says the disease hit hardest in poorer communities in and around the country where families did not vaccinate their kids. now many pakistanis, especially in rural areas see vaccines as a western plot to sterilize muslims. pakistani officials are now launching an immunization campaign to prevent further outbreaks. >>> a new year's celebration on the ivory coast took a tragic turn. 61 people were killed and more than 200 hurt when revelers panicked after a fireworks display and started a stampede outside a stadium. many of the dead were children and teenagers. the ivory coast president and his wife toured a hospital where many survivors are being treated. he declared a day of mourning. >>> the hunt is still on for four masked gunmen who robbed an apple store in paris, france. they forced their way into the store three hours after closing time on new year's
way for some of the teachers and aid workers killed in pakistan yesterday. five were killed when their van came under attack. they were on their way home from a community center. there has been a militant can campaign of violence against aid workers and these work verse been vaccinating pakistani children against polio. >> no charges are to be filed against a celebrity photographer who hit and killed a photographer taking pictures of justin bieber's car. bieber wasn't even in the car at the time. a friend was driving. >> and here's something that might make you feel better if you've already broken your new year's resolution to lose weight. a government analysis shows people who are overweight by 30 pounds or less have a significant live lower risk of early death than those at a normal weight. the lead researcher says they're not sure why but it's been suggested overweight people see a doctor more often and doctors may pay more attention to their overweight patients. >> stocks are soaring on this first day of the new year. court any reagan is here with what's moving your money. th
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pakistan. that's the words for police there. it's just the latest apparent attack on aid groups providing vaccinations against the crippling disease polio. trying to sterilize muslims. they say the program is simply a cover for he is pee espionage. one the three nations where polio is is still a big problem. the attack happened in the same providence where militants shot and wounded this 15-year-old girl who had spoke out in support of women's education. she is still recovering in a hospital in great britain. a rescue helicopter crashes into the sea while crews were trying to save a swimmer. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. brazil, it happened just off the shore from a popular beach in rio de janeiro. amateur video shows the chopper plunging into the water after officials say an engine failed. all four crew members and a swimmer managed to get out without any major injuries. south africa. flames ripped through a crowded settlement, killing at least three people near cape town. officials say the worst of the fires broke out in the early morning hours while people were
were killed in northwest pakistan when gunmen ambushed a van. the victims were five female teachers and two health workers. the teachers were on the way home from a community center when the gunmen stopped the van, pulled a young boy from the vehicle, and then opened fire. that attack happened in the same conservative province where taliban gunmen tried to assassinate a pakistani schoolgirl who spoke out against them. >>> a court appearance is scheduled today in a south bay murder case. at least one of the four people accused of killing a millionaired in monte sereno home is due in court this afternoon. meanwhile the "mercury news" reports the victim had been accused of trying to hide millions of dollars from creditors. >>> contra costa county residents they may pay more for water this year. a proposal plans to raise rates 3.5%. it goes before the contra costa water district board tonight. that meeting is open to the public. it starts at 6:30 tonight at the district headquarters in concord. >>> also if you want to check out, this is the last day of operations for san francisco museu
like pakistan and yemen, somalia to some extent and other states. i don't think we have great strategies of waging political warfare. that's what we need to do, a gap that needs to be filled, and i think we can draw lessons from the days of the cold war as to how too that. the need to do that, i think, was brought home to me by a meeting i had a few years ago, i think in 2008 in baghdad with a fellow named -- a brave iraqi parliamentarian, brave or suicidal or a combination of the two, who dared to visit israel and thought iraq should normalize relations with israel for which sentiments he faced attempts to get him imprisoned, which he beat, and won rulings in his favor in an iraqi court, but he didn't stop the extremists who in 2005 attacked him and his sops and killed his two sons in retaliation for visiting israel. testifies not discouraged, ran for parliament, won a seat in 2005, but i remember meeting with him in his living room in baghdad in 2008 rueing the fact he had little money on which to run for re-election or to fund a slate of like-minded candidates whereas all t
rocked pakistan today leaving nine dead and dozens wounded. in the northwest, gunmen ambushed a van in the town of swabi, killing five female teachers and two aid workers. it followed a series of militant attacks targeting anti-polio workers. to the south, a bomb exploded near a large political rally in karachi. at least four people died there, and dozens were hurt. the number of civilian deaths in iraq rose in 2012 for the first time in three yea. the human rights group iraq body count reported today there were 4,471 civilians killed, up more than 400 from the year before. the group said it shows iraq remains in a state of "low-level war" with insurgents. the state of pennsylvania will sue the n.c.a.a. over sanctions against penn state university in the child sexual abuse scandal that rocked the school. the penalties include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention grants nationwide. governor tom corbett said today the state wants a federal court to guarantee that all of the money is spent in pennsylvania. the university agreed to the sanctions last july. those are some
were killed in northwest pakistan when gunmen ambush adavan killing five female teachers and two health workers. the teachers were on their way home from a community center when the gunmen stopped the van, pulled a young boy from the vehicle, and then opened fire. the attack happened in the same conservative province where tall began gunman tried to asa -- taliban gunman tried to assassinate a pakistani girl who spoke out against them. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> a sad night for many in brings you to, virginia last -- bristow, virginia last night as they came to honor a young police officer. he was responding to a car crash when his motorcycle collided with a mini van. the case is still under investigation. officer yung was 35 years old. he leaves behind a wife and three young children. >>> the very first same-sex marriages to be performed at the montgomery county courthouse are scheduled to begin at 9:00 this morning. yesterday marked the first day gay marriages to be legal in the state of maryland. among the very first to tie the knot, a couple who wednesday
them in afghanistan, we did take down the sanctuary. we drove them into pakistan. we stayed on al-qaida's central leadership in pakistan. the challenge is that al-qaida has spread its tentacles throughout the middle east and they are on the rice despite our effort to stay on top of us. >> i ask the question about the taliban and being brought into the central government in afghanistan, and what it would mean in that country. those are big questions that we won't be able to answer today, general keane but i'm sure we'll be talking about them in the future. it's great to have you on the show. >> good talking to you jenna as always too. jon: and update now on another government leader no friend to america, the prognosis for venezuelan leader hugo chavez sounds grim. he recently underwent his fourth cancer-related surgery in cuba. now his decision is being described as delicate. steve harrigan is following this live from miami. >> reporter: his condition is being described in many different waeufplts the official version from the government is as you said, delicate. it's come being fr
. and iran and pakistan, other countries have acquired them and we live with them and we tend not to think about them too much. what would it take to get rid of them? the thesis he put out in this, it's guy -- goats doing take some disaster or mishaps before the world really wakes up and says we really need to do something about this. in his fantasy and it really is just a fantasy, it's a thought experiment, not a prediction. in 20 or 25 years, there someone in the pakistan in that ongoing conflict will trigger a nuclear bomb which will set off kind of quasi nuclear winter and do damage to the power gid. when you set off a nuclear bomb, you cause an electromagnetic pulse which can damage power grid. as you know, power grids are essential. significant damage to power grids that can cause a lot of casualties. in his scenario, some small, some minor mishaps occurs. after that people think, gee, this is really serious and we need to get rid of these weapons. at the end of his piece the world is a safer place. the problems of the world are tough. they're not always cheery to contemplate. host:
a diplomat since 1975 and served previously in pakistan, tunesia, saudi arabia, oman and israel. the bounty is on the table for six months and a middle east research institute has been tracking several twitter accounts being used by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to spread the word about this offer to assassinate firestein. on twitter these terrorists have been using a hash tag that translates to al qaeda's reward. in addition to this $160,000 bounty for the ambassador, there is a separate $23,000 bounty being offered to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. the middle east media research institute points out that social media is becoming more and more popular with these terrorists because the forums they had been using on-line are being shut down and this news about a bounty on the head of a u.s. ambassador in yemen comes a little less than four months after the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, was murdered along with three other americans during a deadly raid on the u.s. consolate in benghazi, libya. a state department spokesman would not comment to bloomberg news abou
-decade-long career. he joined the foreign service in 1975 and has served in pakistan, taoupb tunisia, saudi arabia. this is good for six months. his life is not the only whose life they are trying to pay terrorists to pay. there is a reward being offered to anyone who kills any american soldier in yemen. arthel: peter, last the state department stepped up security in light of these threats? >> reporter: a state department spokesman emailed this morning to say they were taking these threats very seriously and the spokesman added, this is a quote, as you know our embassy in yemen already operates in a highly sensitive and difficult security situation. we continue to support the government, military and people of yemen in their efforts against violent extremism and terrorism. remember that the four-month anniversary of the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens murder is next friday. back to you. arthel: thanks for that report. bill: a whole new context after ambassador stevenseports on onee bloodyist attacks in syria, a shocking estimate of the casualties on the ground there, and n now we hear the
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)